Get a package, set aside 1 gram a week for 12 weeks, help two like minded individuals do the same and repeat the process. It is that simple!

Start by attracting people to your solution by focusing on their problems






You reach traffic online or in real life

Some of the people relate to the problem

Some of them compare the solutions

Some of them test the solution

Some of them buy your solution

Build this business with a webinar software. Schedule a weekly meeting.

Promote your landing page and build a list

Send mails to prospects leading with information, videos and articles before asking the big money question.

Make sure your customers know you and trust you.

1. Introduce yourself 

2. Play a short online presentation video 

3. Download the presentation .pdf and discuss the compensation plan

4. Ask for affiliates testimonial 

5. Finish and reschedule

                   Whatsapp mobile app is designed for you to call around the world using wifi on your cellphone.

Phone closing
1. Use an approach like "Hey I'm Harry from, I'm calling you regarding your request for more

information on how to protect your wealth with precious metals."

2. Follow and conclude with " Let's get you started with a business package and a physical gold auto saving plan

toward your goals."

3. Answer objections and provide more information to wondering prospects.
Some people are Unbothered by your solution. Get them to realize what's good either for them time wise, money wise

or option wise.

Some people are Skeptic by your solution. Prepare some cold hard facts on how this is real and people have been paid.

Affiliate marketing is legal and ethic. Mention what certification and security your product has.

Some people are Fighters. They lack the ambition or courage in their ability to complete the task at hand. Reassure them.

Some people are Procrastinators. Have them take action now and let them know of the good of doing it now and what

bad could come if they lost on the potential growth.

4. Offer 3 business package options with 3 different auto saving options to get a suited solution for your customer.

Identify your target audience and know what questions they are asking themselves or what struggle

they are having to touch and attract potential solution seekers that really will buy what you sell.

Your determination to sell your product and that it helps is what becomes contagious. Make the move,

and make the call for them. Make sure you only talk about what your prospect seems interested about to make sure

you do not provide too much information and focus on taking the next action with them.

You have completed the affiliate training with a 100% score

One         time