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Why did Francois-Pierre Galarneau give away his 1000$/week winning Quebec lottery ticket to his dad Michel in 2008?

Why did Francois-Pierre Galarneau give away his 1000$/week winning Quebec lottery ticket to his dad Michel in 2008?

Why did Francois-Pierre Galarneau give away his 1000$/week winning ticket to his dad back in 2008 and what has happened since?

Who would not want to get a 1000$/week winning ticket at the lottery? Wouldn't we all want? The idea of a never ending amount of cash coming in is just what most people would die for right now. With an increasing rate of inflation, a devaluing money currency and a nickle and dime policy applied on the people, a job just hasn't been enough to provide like it did in the past. Today, we talk with Francois-Pierre Galarneau a serial Quebec's entrepreneur that gave away his 1000$/week winning Quebec's lottery ticket when he won it back on Thursday 11th February 2008 to his father. A now more and more antiquated idea is the one of the proud male family earner like we had seen in the 60s. Let's hear his story and what happened with his lottery win.

Q. How was it to win the lottery?
A. It was the best feeling I have ever had in my life. It was like having my wildest dreams become reality.

Q. Why did you give away your 1000$/week winning ticket to your father Michel Galarneau?
A. "My family really needed a "money break" and was almost down to the last stray. A strong family dispute that lead to the permanent divorce of my mom and dad had lead the family stranded and crumbling in debt ever since year 2003. There was just no way this money could pass by and be mine as I previously intended, otherwise I would lose my position in the family forever. It was that bad. It wasn't at all what I expected when I had told them the news about my win. I thought they would be happy for me, but all they did is argue that we should split the lump sum equally. It also started an ever going dispute for the money that has been going on ever since, which I do not want to be part of anymore. It was at that time that I stopped fighting to hold on to the lottery ticket itself and feared for my life because I was alone against my whole family just like I was facing an angry mob. I had a choice to make at the time and I gave them because they were my only family after all and money was no reason to part away from them and leave forever."

Like more and more people around the entire globe, the new worldwide economy has taken a toll on most middle to low class families and signs could show even back then. How much did he get for himself?

Q. How much did they give you?
A. "They never gave me any of my legitimate wins. My share got to be 0$ in the end and it's what my family never really told me they had planned out. I learned it the hard way after a series of "road blocks" that wasted my time until I had no recourse left in 2014. The money was gone in a matter of days in the shape of loans and I could not get anything much I'd say. They put me inside a nice car at the time, it was nice even if it wasn't really mine. I drove the thing for a year before I had to give it back. Today I completely forgot about winning the lottery. It's just like it was a dream, because I could not believe it at first and didn't know how to proceed and get paid my win since I was 18 years of age at the time. It somehow stayed like living a dream."

Interesting, so filling the financial crisis in his family and trying to be honest about his win landed him in a tough spot. We can all feel for him, who can know the outcome of winning such a prize in a crumbling family. The Galarneau and Bégin family may have pleaded like they really needed the money, but in reality, it looks like their intentions was to grab on to his prize with greed in the end and not to share any with him. What does he thinks about gambling now in 2022?

Q: Do you still gamble at all?
A: " I still play at Quebec's online casino and enjoy all of my wins. I also scratch winner for life, but privately online. It's better to risk in life and enjoy the rewards than staying poor. "

It sounds like a sad story after all for this lottery winner. Not all lottery stories end well. What about for his family?

Q: How is your family doing now?
A: "My family is back to the way they were and living paycheck to paycheck and even my dad who piled up massive debts because of lavish spending. My 3 siblings Marie-Eve, Emilie and Julien may even be doing worst than before too."

We all feel for Quebec's family of 6. It sounds like winning that "money break" may not have helped them that much down the line. It's often what can happen to many people who won a big lottery prize.

Q: Do you feel like you have been dealt a bad hand?
A: "It's not easy to deal with financial issues and the fear of losing the love of a loved one. At the time it was the best I could find to remain on a strong moral ground with myself. After all, ditching my family for money is not really that kind of life I thought I wanted."

Q: Did you part with your family?
A: "Unfortunately, ever since this event, everything has never been the same. I feel like I have been played and I would say it's not what I expect from my family"

Q: What would you have done with the money?
A: "I would have invested it in cash savings accounts, stocks, physical gold and crypto currency. Even 10% of this money in bitcoins today would have made us all millionaires."

Who would have thought that Francois-Pierre Galarneau chose his family at first and in the end would decide to part ways with it after this dramatic event with no money involved for him? What an amazing guy. We are now wrapping the interview and we will for sure go fishing for one more last question.

Q: Do you have one last thing to add before we close this interview?
A: "I would say my lesson from this was that I should not have been honest about my win before cashing it in even with my family something I didn't know at the time. When you want to help poor people, you need to help yourself first."

Amazing story. Thank you for reading this very interesting article.

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