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Where to store your physical gold in 2020

Where to store your physical gold in 2020

How do you protect what is yours under all circumstances?

Where to keep your gold investments.

For some gold investors, the question of storage can be a tricky one. Will small or large quantities of precious metals be safe in your house? How much does it cost to store your gold at a bank in a safety deposit box? Can you get insurance against theft or loss? Whether it is a single gold bar or a significant part of your investment portfolio, there are three main options for storing your gold.

1. Home safe

The most basic option for most people once they buy gold bars or coin is to get a home safe with a combination or a digital code. It`s the safest and most secure home method, especially given the weight and size of a safe can make it difficult to move. A state of art burglary system is a must have. However, many buyers are still hesitant about relying on the safety of their own home. Everyone is susceptible to break-ins, although our discreet shipping means that no one will know that you have had gold shipped to you.

2. Bank

Some people chooses to store their gold at a bank, using a safety deposit box. Banks have much greater security than you can achieve at home. However, bank will charge you high fees for storing your gold. Choosing to store your gold in a banking system has further drawbacks, particularly fees and access. If you store your gold in a safe deposit box, the bank does not provide insurance coverage and any time you use a safe deposit box, you are limited to access to your investment during the bank hours.

3. Gold broker storage

Most gold broker offers storage at a cost. However, Karatbars offers an alternative solution with their free storage that eliminates all risk associated with having to store gold at home. Your precious metals are stored privately and securely.

Further more, storage outside of the banking system `` a safe or at your gold broker``eliminates the risks of counterparty default (Bankruptcy) bank account confiscation and permits access to one`s gold quickly in the event of a temporary bank closure.

At Karatbars your precious metals are kept in a professional storage unit, so your precious metals never leave the professional logistics chain, retaining their maximum resale value.

If you are wondering how Karatbars stores gold for its customer, then continue reading.

To store gold for its customers, Karatbars uses two safes, third party vaults that are fully insured. It is important to mention that Karatbars always stores more gold in its vaults than customers storage holdings are.

Karatbars have two vaults. The first vault is located in Karatbars home office in Stuttgart. This is where the company stores small gold bars. That is 1 gram,2.5 gram and 5 gram bars.

Every year, usually twice per year, the Germany government conducts Audis on gold vaults and not once did Karatbars fail a single audit. Nonetheless, if Karatbars does fall in the future, according to the government policy in Germany, it will be publicized. That is, you will know about the failure from the news.

The second vault is where large gold bars are stored. However, due to security reasons. Karatbars does not explore the details of the vault`s location. The company provides this information only to the Germany government.

For security purposes, Karatbars has a "four eye" principle with its gold shipping and storage. This means that every time an employee physically touches gold there should be eyes acknowledging this happening in one way or another. This means one set of eyes is video surveillances’ and the other set is signature of some other employee or contractor.


Because Karatbars regularly has to pass stringent requirements to continue to store gold for its customers, you can feel safe about letting Karatbars do it for you.

However, remember, don`t keep all your eggs in one basket, so have one portion of your gold shipped to you and another portion stored.

Feel free to ask any question or share the information. You are now invited to watch the information video below to learn more information about the one business that made me reach a 6 figures earning potential online.

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