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The COVID 19 market crash is here

The COVID 19 market crash is here

Get the latest news on the Corona virus (Covid-19) market crash

It's official with over 227 000 cases worldwide and countless deaths, the Corona virus is setting a slower economical growth on the market and many titles are falling.

With big names like Apple seeing their share prices taking a hit, the market instability is once again setting the looks on physical gold bullion, a secure asset with amazing potential.

With the undervaluation of physical gold still a major trend on the market, one of the best potential bet for investors is to short their positions inside major corporations because they become as risky as the new epidemic around, the Corona virus.

Known as a respiratory virus, the recent crisis started in China. While contagion is unrelated to visibility of symptoms, it is sure to be a very unpredictable virus. Since then, it has gained worldwide visibility and is now known as a major health threat worldwide. As economic growth could be stopped by a reduction of the available work force, some investors see it as a risk for major industries.

While the situation is already being addressed. The Chinese population is asking the government why the information came so late. As they risk to suffer the most from the loss of salary this will impose on them.

As a major warning is now issued, this risky hovering situation might continue for quite a while. Investors should act as cautious as possible in this bad economical period.

The people are not simply of need of personal protection, more and more people worldwide are now in substantial lack of food and means to acquire the necessary to live.

"It's likely that people will go for gold bars as it has become a trademark for safety for consumers like you and me"

-Francois-Pierre Galarneau

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