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Our Valentus Health drinks opportunity review

Our Valentus Health drinks opportunity review

Is Valentus health drinks a scam?

When it comes to losing weight fast. We would all like to know how it's done and what kind of product can help use reach that goal. Unfortunately, most businesses offer effective yet tasteful products but at a hefty price. Let's examine the new Valentus health drinks business opportunity and products today, it all looks so promising.

Valentus health drinks are based of one main fat burning ingredient called garcinia combogia. It has the effect to burn your internal fat and is sure effective. I have personally tested out all their products and my personal point of view is that their drinks taste is good. They are also working out just fine. Now, just like said earlier, the price point is where it gets worst. You will have to pay around 1-2$ USD per drink delivered to you in a powder individually sized packets. Compared to many powdered drinks solution or even bottled energy drinks, this is a heavy price to pay for a make at home drink.

Now, before we talk about the money side of Valentus, let us say that the company has helped many reach success and for some incredible compensation. The MLM health and wellness industry is grossing 12 billion in sales so this is kind of normal. The only major problem is that the distributors at the bottom are often left shelling out a lot of money to stack up those drinks at a price point they can sell it at. Buying just one box will simply double the price of the unit compared to a 12 box package and just leave you with a 60$ USD simple box of drinks you can't sell for more and that will expire in one to two years time. When it comes to building your wealth with a great business online, you can't simply focus on the product or even worst dumping it to front end distributors for a quick buck. Unwilling to pay for a montlhy supply? Be ready to lose your compensation level, rank and also look at your cumulated commission points wash out from the system in a quick 3 months time. To build a solid foundation to your success, forget about those monthly plans businesses that over promise the revenues and specially how low it is to start the business and don't go for a misleading claim like: ”it's 20$ to start your business.”

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