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Our HERBALIFE NUTRITION opportunity review

Our HERBALIFE NUTRITION opportunity review

Find out how Herbalife is doing on the market today and the value behind the MLM opportunity behind marketing their products.

Herbalife Nutrition is a health and fitness nutrition and supplements company started more than 30 years ago. Since then, it has made a name as a successful MLM opportunity and we are going to give you our take on what we think of the compensation and the opportunity for new recruits of their business.

Known as one of the most proficient industry in direct sales or MLM, wellness has always been a vast industry that allows room for growth. People do enjoy trying new health products they can benefit from if the price and the taste are also there to meet the health benefits and fitness/cure results. The Herbalife business is meeting their consultants and consumers with a barrage of different supplements, shakes or snack bars at a very V.I.P price compared to other market's alternatives. The depth of the market here is a benefit, but for new consultants it is a significant investment to shelf those products at their home.

The compensation is also very volatile, the monthly purchases of your organization is what makes the bread and butter of your sales. In most cases, consultants, stuck to shell out cash to maintain their commission level and stock of unselling pricey inventory in a real offloading motion, seen as unpractical by many and unsustainable. Add this to a 51 to 91$ fee to join the business and a yearly 15$ to stay in your own MLM business organization, a very unhealthy business proposition for some.

​Stories of new candidates ruining their entire savings to the hungry sales system are calling it a pyramid scheme and the company is now is legal high waters and under investigation. This company has proven to be legitimate until now.

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