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Gold vs Fiat Money

Gold vs Fiat Money

Is predicting the fiat money crash a real plan?

Make no mistake about it, it is the central bankers that are leading governments and by the same time governments leading people, and we are using their fiat money. The only cure against inflation central bank have ever-increasing fiat money is, ever-increasing it more. You can protect yourself by growing your wealth by buying and accumulating real value physical gold. Anything less, and you are still dealing in the imaginary world that is failing.

It is indisputable that for centuries, gold has always been considered a store of value. It preserves one`s wealth against fiat currencies, and during of fiat upheavals, it also creates wealth. With wealth, one has independence. With independence, one need not really upon government. With no gold, there is no wealth.

Almost all Canadians are also drowning in debt, foisted upon them, as planned by the money changers, keeping them all credit-addicted and unable to accumulate any real wealth. Thus depriving them of their dependence.

There is a Chinese proverbs that says’’ if you collect money, you disperse the people, if you disperse the money, you collect the people. The corporate federal government is in the business of collecting people.

Take a minute to absorb that thought. It is purely imaginary. If you imagine something has value, it does, by virtue of your belief. A belief is not reality. It is merely a thought maintained about reality, but not necessarily the reality itself. Change de belief and you change de reality. Stop believing fiat has any value and your reality about fiat changes, as well. The savings account you have is not worth anything if fiat money goes down.

However, gold has always been money and it will always be money.

When you put money in a savings account, you are simply putting your wealth in fiat currency. Fiat currency is based on your confidence in the ability of the government to keep the economy alive so that you can retrieve your wealth at any time in the future. The problem with fiat currencies is that they are no longer backed by gold and they are only backed by your faith in the ability of the government.

Gold on the other hand has a long history of being a globally accepted form of currency Hence, you can be sure that you have a valuable asset that you can use in transactions or convert to money irrespective of your location in the world. The best past is that gold tends to keep and maintain its value globally.

The value of gold can never drop to zero. Putting money in a savings account is risky-yes!!!. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. The drop in the purchasing power of the dollar has been a consistent theme in our economic discourses and nobody seems to be doing anything to halt it. Purchasing power refers to the amount of goods and services that a unit of currency can buy. Between 1918 and 2018, the Canadian dollars has suffered more than 285% in inflation and the consumer price index has increase to 1562.96% throughout 1918. However, the value of gold has increased at an exponentially higher rate than the value of the dollar has been falling. The value of gold gas increased at an exponentially higher rate than the value of the dollar has been falling. The value of the gold has increased by a cumulative 465.3% in the last 40 years and just in the last 30 days in today's date 23 June ,2019 the value of gold has increased by 6.66% according to

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