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Buying gold is a no brainer in 2020

Why gold? Why now? Your wealth may need an insurance policy. Governments around the world have lost control of public finances. The ticket machine is racing. Everyone must fear for their savings, because paper money is likely to be worth little for a long time. To be used as a means of payment, a currency must give workers the opportunity to put it aside with confidence. This savings then turns into capital fueling investment and, in turn, economic growth. The amount and integrity of our money today is at stake. When thousands of billions of dollars appear on the keyboard, there is no incentive to save. It’s easier for governments to print money than it is to extract ounces of gold. Which is more likely to gain value in the future? Gold does not depend on a third party for its value. Bonds depend on a borrower to pay interest, stocks depend on companies to generate profits, apartments depend on tenants to pay rent. Gold doesn’t depend on anything. This makes it unique among all other asset classes. In the coming years, this feature will be invaluable. " Gold acts as an insurance policy against the devaluation of wealth. And insurance is needed before the fire. There are various ways to invest in yellow metal. It is very instructive for all those who are attracted to what shines. Ingots, gold coins, collector coins, exchange-traded funds backed or not against ingots, stocks of mining companies. Wealth is not the reserved to billionaires. This is what you have left when you spend less than you earn. This is the main goal to better your future. It is the result of hard work and sacrifice. Are you going to risk losing everything?

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