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Our ACN opportunity review


Is ACN a scam?

Since a lot of people seem to be interested about the legitemacy of the telecommunication MLM reselling opportunity of ACN, this article has never been more on point. Upfront, we know that ACN is the 40th best MLM company worldwide based on statistics gathered over the years.

ACN is a reseller of telecommunication products and services. It also promotes a vast range of essential products and a line of health & dietary supplements. Making it one of the giants of the MLM industry being one of the top Essential products and services dealer.
This sadly come to a price when you realize that an ACN distributor will only gross at max 10% on his direct sales of services every month, you have to start at 1% to get there and it's a long way to 5%. This kind of margin in MLM is exciting when you know there is a vast
portion of unsolicited clients available. This is where for most the ACN project comes to a halt, when you realize that in 25 years, people
discourage the use of their products and blame every distributor for their prior experience of one of their friends all around and that there is not such vast amount of qualified buyers. Yes, becoming a telecommunication reseller can be a good business, if the client's incentive to buy is bigger than with the big chains. Let's just say there is almost no incentive to buy their services based on a price comparison
unless you are willing to sacrifice the service itself.

Now the question everyone is wondering. Is ACN a scam itself? It's not a scam or a ponzi scheme. The products and services being sold
by the brand are able to vastly compensate for the participation of any distributor that first invest 400 USD in the business and 70$/year renewal fee. People could wonder if it is possible to recoop the investment of the ACN opportunity and the answer is that yes, patient people have seen some money and the average ACN member will earn around 500$/year from the business based on statistics provided by the business.
Can you make your money back? Yes. Can you earn substancial earnings compared to most opportunity online today, 28 years in the existence of ACN? You cannot. See, MLM is based on a comparison of multiple opportunities to invest your time and part of your extra money providing the middle man experience directly selling products. You can choose to go with high fees and low returns in a dream effort to reach the creamy
1% one day, or you can choose a fair program to be in that will also compensate you properly on the compensation higher levels.

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